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Need diverse speakers on specific topics? Leaders finds unique profiles for your event.

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    Describe what you need

    Cover event basics

    Select the format and topic for the speaker plus your event location.

    Add details

    Give us a budget range and tell us what you're looking for in a speaker.

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    Leaders reaches out to qualified candidates.

    We do the search

    Leaders takes the time to find people who would be a good match and are available for your event.

    Receive a short list in 2-3 days

    We send 3-5 available speakers with their requirements. Get high-quality options without cold-calling or digging for leads.

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    Do your own vetting, then book.

    Have a conversation

    Connect directly with the speakers we recommend to iron out logistics. You don't pay until you book a speaker.

    Seal the deal

    If everyone's happy, sign the Leaders term sheet. You pay Leaders, and we deal with paying the speakers you booked.

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    Let the speaker shine.

    Be inspired

    You get a fresh voice for your conference or event, and your speaker is ready to shine.

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Leaders is built by and for event organizers. After decades of planning events, we know that the only thing that never gets easier is finding great new content. Leaders eliminates the pain of searching for diverse voices and cold-calling new leads.

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