To say Alexandre thinks big would be underselling it. With a belief in an equitable distribution of a digital renaissance, he’s worked on Hyperloop proliferation in Europe, Mars colony designs, and other moonshot ideas. He is currently working on building the soul of AI at Anima.
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ABOUT Alexandre

  • Founder & CEO at

  • IBM Watson AI XPRIZE Ambassador at XPRIZE

  • Co-Lead Postdigital research seminar at Ecole Normale Supérieure (Ulm), research 2017-2019: Artificial Imagination

PRAISE FOR Alexandre

  • “Alexandre Cadain explores and constructs a "positive artificial intelligence" (ENS Ulm, IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, Hyperloop) and entrepreneur ( He defends the idea that artificial intelligence (AI) should not be a threat, but the unprecedented and urgent opportunity to build virtuous futures.”

    Nastasia Hadjadji