Ayelet Noff is the Founder and CEO of award-winning PR Firm Blonde 2.0 with offices in Tel Aviv and Boston. Founded in 2006, the firm specializes in publicizing the hottest technology startups, enterprises, VCs, and lifestyle brands globally. They also have a special dedicated unit called BlondeChain that is designed to serve the PR needs of crypto companies.
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ABOUT Ayelet

  • Named by Business Insider as one of the best public relations people in the tech industry

  • Startup Nation’s “Movers and Shakers" on Forbes

  • Host of ‘Startups Around the World’ on the i24 News Channel

  • A regular contributor to publications such as VentureBeat and Forbes


  • “One of the best PR agencies I've had the pleasure of working with, and always looking to turn the mundane into something worth talking about.”

    Theo Priestley

    Dopamine Games