Candice runs Faktory Ventures, where she invests in extraordinary teams creating global impact using exponential technologies, especially AI. Candice is an entrepreneur turned investor, having run Wattpad, a global consumer internet platform with 60MM users. Candice is one of the co-creators of The Elevate Festival, 5000 person tech festival in Toronto. Candice is listed as 1 of the 5 women to watch in tech by TorontoLife and the Boardlist's top 10 Women in Canada in 2017. Candice talks passionately about the massive impact exponential tech is having on humanity. Candice is an Associate of the leading AI incubator in NA, The Creative Destruction Lab.
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  • Candice is a thought leader on exponential tech, building global startup ecosystems and how AI is transforming our lives

  • Candice is listed as 1 of the top 5 Cdn women to watch in tech in 2017 and 1 of the top 10 women to be on your Board

  • Candice is a seed stage investor in exponential tech, specifically AI


  • "Candice's passion is contagious. She is a natural, authentic speaker who has a gift for inspiring others to think differently and more positively. Her broad and deep understanding of technology and the human condition are highly valuable to any audience."

    Jodi Kovitz

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