Hanna is a native Norwegian and has studied multiple Bachelor’s degrees in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership. Prior to founding Wonderloop Aase was one of the early pioneers in social media. Aase’s goal is to connect people and philanthropy to the mobile space, and give everyone the power to present opportunities and meet life changing people with a click of a button.
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  • Founder and CEO of Wonderloop, the world's first video-profile identity platform

  • Participates in the world's leading philanthropy and technology summit´s

  • A leader within consumer technology and technology for social good


  • “It’s hard to imagine an entrepreneur more passionate about her product than Hanna Aase, the founder of Wonderloop, the world’s first video profile platform, created so you can search for people by their video profiles. Orphaned at 14, she’s been crafting this concept almost her entire life based on her desire to help connect everyone in the world in a meaningful, convenient way.”

    Jonathan Riggs