Hugo is a young entrepreneur specializing in mathematics and computer science. Passionate about unlocking the brain’s potential, Hugo assembled the most respected specialists in hardware, software and neuroscience to start Rythm in July 2014. A modern day pioneer for the neurotechnology industry, Hugo and his team have been tirelessly working to harness the power of science to create its first consumer technology Dreem—a revolutionary sleep solution that proactively increases quality of sleep.
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  • Awards include the Concours Mondial d’Innovation 2030 Phase III, Innovators Under 35 Europe by MIT Technology Review

  • “30 Most Influential French Persons Under 30” by Vanity Fair

  • Graduate of Berkeley, University of California, and Ecole Polytechnique in Paris


  • "Hugo is creating a product which is able to change people's life."

    Xavier Niel