John studies the recent past for clues on the near future. He writes for Forbes and Inc. Magazine, analyzes trends in data from 3.5B devices globally as a mobile economist for TUNE, and built a venture-backed market research firm in San Francisco. He’s built sites and apps, led tech teams, and built software for partners like Intel and Disney.
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  • Award-winning tech journalist who’s actually coded and built software

  • Future-focused analyst presenting data-driven insights on mobile, AI, conversational UIs, blockchain, and augmented reality

  • In-demand speaker delivering the facts and insights required for marketing and business success


    • "A lucid thinker and inspiring presenter ..."

      Georg Greve, CEO and President

      Kolab Systems

    • "John is the "ne plus ultra" - the real deal of old-school journalism combined with a keenly analytical mind as well an encyclopedic knowledge of industry information. His analyses are always on-target, his ethics are clear and his writing has always been spot-on."

      Johnathan Hirshon, Principal

      Horizon Communications

    • John is an engaging and charismatic speaker who delivers content that even the most successful app entrepreneurs can use.

      Steve Young, CEO