Dr. Julia Shaw is the co-founder of Palace.ai, an All Turtles studio company that combines memory science and artificial intelligence. The first Palace project is to revolutionize the recording and reporting of workplace harassment and discrimination.
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  • Author of the international bestseller "The Memory Illusion", published in 2016 by Penguin Random House and translated into 16 languages and "Making Evil", coming in 2018

  • Dr. Shaw is a research associate at University College London

  • Her work is regularly featured on television, radio, podcasts, in print, and online


  • "Shaw’s debut book is a spryly paced, fun, sometimes frightening exploration of how we remember – and why everyone remembers things that never truly happened . . . Her book is equal parts breezy guide through the recent lessons we’ve learned about memory, and a loving tribute to the sometimes eccentric researchers who toiled away in the laboratory to uncover them . . . Shaw's quirky charm enlivens the book throughout."

    Pacific Standard