Futurist, entrepreneur and innovation expert, Kian Gohar helps inspire the world's largest companies to harness disruptive trends transforming industry in the next decade and beyond. Kian is a master facilitator and has coached the C-suite of over 40 companies in the Fortune 500 on topics as diverse as technology disruption, exponential thinking, crowdsourcing, virtual reality, emerging markets, and leadership.
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  • Kian is founder of Geolab, and also founded the world's leading ecosystem for corporate innovation called IPP, a joint venture of the XPRIZE Foundation & Singularity University.

  • His 20 year innovation career spans venture capital, academia and startups around the world.

  • Kian speaks 5 languages and is a graduate of Harvard Business School and the London School of Economics.


  • “Kian’s keynote on exponential technology at our Economic Summit was both thrilling and thought provoking. His style of delivery is engaging and approachable, and he blends intelligence and humor to relay complex ideas in a straightforward manner that appealed to our audience of business executives and elected officials.”

    Janet LaBar

    Greater Portland Inc.