Kristofor Lofgren is founder of Redefine Ventures, CEO of Sustainable Restaurant Group, and creator and owner of Bamboo Sushi Inc. A dedicated ‘ecopreneur,’ Lofgren views business as the optimal platform to quickly affect widespread environmental change.
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ABOUT Kristofor

  • Co-founder of Masu East

  • Former CEO, K2 Investments

PRAISE FOR Kristofor

  • "In 2006, Kristofor Lofgren liked what he was hearing about sustainability and the farm-to-table movement. But what about applying similar principles to the sea? Naysayers said it couldn’t be done, so Lofgren set out to prove them wrong, abandoning plans to become an environmental lawyer and instead founding Bamboo Sushi, the world’s first certified-sustainable sushi restaurant."

    Gretchen Kurtz