Lily is an entrepreneur who has launched three successful start-ups in the education, communication, special event and tech publishing spaces. Over the last four years, Lily has built up ExO Speakers, a boutique speaking agency, that is now a multi-million dollar enterprise managing and representing several of the top speakers in the world. Lily is a Founding Architect of ExO Works, a consulting and advisory startup, where she acted as CFO and advisor to the company. She was material in negotiating and securing its first seven-figure clients.
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  • Lily is a pioneer in online educational tools, having created a successful language education startup and most recently created a partner school in Miami Beach with Silicon Valley's Alt School, considered the leading schooling system emerging globally.

  • Her strengths include strategic business development, organizational skills, strategic vision, financing expertise, and interpersonal skills.

  • Lily is also a strong advocate for women in business and believes in helping them find their voices.