Martin Varsavsky is founder, chairman of Prelude Fertility, a fertility company offering people access to the most promising and revolutionary advances in reproductive science and technology. As a founder, he has built 5 successful companies, Viatel, Jazztel,, Fon and Prelude. Viatel, Jazztel, and all sold for over $700m. As an investor, he backed fascinating companies such as 23andMe, Eolia, Smarthings, Tumblr and Aura Biosciences.
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ABOUT Martin

  • Visiting professor, Columbia University

  • Founder and CEO, Fon

  • Investor, Tumblr, 23andMe, and Aura Biosciences


  • “Even among the hyperactive overachieving techies in his cohort, Martin Varsavsky stands out. He's built more successful businesses--six--than all but the most prolific serial entrepreneurs. He's also fathered more children--six as well--than all but the most prolific dads. Yet at 56, Varsavsky, one of the most recognizable figures in Europe's tech scene, is going for something of a "lucky seven."

    Miguel Helft