Niklas Zennström is CEO and Founding Partner at Atomico, one of Europe's leading venture capital firms. Niklas was previously the Co-Founder and CEO of Skype.
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ABOUT Niklas

  • CEO & Founding Partner at Atomico, investing in disruptive technology and ambitious founders at Series A and beyond

  • Co-founder & CEO of Skype

  • Co-founder of Zennström Philanthropies, supporting Human Rights & the Environment

  • Co-Founder of other globally successful technology businesses, including Kazaa and Joltid


  • “Niklas has never been one to exaggerate his path to success... He’s the first to tell you there are no shortcuts to achieving your goals, there is only hard work. 20+ years of hard work that is. Niklas is one of Europe’s tech giants. As the founder of both Skype and KaZaA, he has catapulted European tech innovation to the next level.”

    Alexandre Mars

    The Huffington Post