Parneet’s life path has woven her experience as a physician with her Indian spiritual roots in yoga and meditation to create new perspectives on well-being that she now uses to redefine what “being well” means and make biggest impact on human health she possibly can.
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ABOUT Parneet

  • Chief Science Officer at Wisdom Labs, a firm dedicated to scaling ideas for wellbeing, productivity, and resilience

  • Lifestyle Medicine Consultant at UCSF

  • BJ Fogg Tiny Habits Certified Coach and Martha Beck-trained executive coach


  • “When thinking of ways to improve our health, our minds automatically turn to eating better, sleeping more, and (finally) putting that gym membership to good use. But life-style as medicine expert and Chief Science Officer of Wisdom Labs Parneet Pal suggests revamping our list of New Year’s resolutions by including a few often overlooked but essential ingredients to better health: compassion, meaningful connections & mindfulness.”

    Zaina Awad