Philip Rosedale is CEO and co-founder of High Fidelity, Inc., a company devoted to exploring the future of next-generation shared virtual reality. Prior to High Fidelity, Rosedale created the virtual civilization Second Life, populated by one million active users generating US$700M in annual transaction volumes. In addition to numerous technology inventions, Rosedale has also worked on experiments in distributed work and computing.
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ABOUT Philip

  • Former Chairman of Linden Lab

  • Former CTO, RealNetworks

  • Led the creation of Second Life


  • “Having seen, and monetized, the first Internet boom, Rosedale wants High Fidelity to do for VR what the World Wide Web did for the internet: provide a new means through which people can stake out ground online. Instead of surfing to people’s Web pages, you’ll be teleporting to virtual worlds they’re running on their own computer servers.”

    David Kushner

    IEEE Spectrum