An accomplished entrepreneur, executive, and investor, Reid has played an integral role in building many of today’s leading consumer technology businesses, including LinkedIn and PayPal. He possesses a unique understanding of consumer behavior and the dynamics of viral businesses, as well as deep experience in driving companies from the earliest stages through periods of explosive, “blitzscale” growth.
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  • Cofounded LinkedIn and in 2016 sold it to Microsoft for $26.2 billion in cash

  • Co-author of two New York Times best-selling books: The Start-up of You and The Alliance

  • Next book is focused on “blitzscaling,” based on his Stanford course of the same name


  • “For Hoffman, getting into weeds and foxholes isn’t just about helping the individuals he’s invested in. It’s about something greater -- something that, he hopes, will push all entrepreneurs to grow their companies strongly and smartly. It’s about nurturing an adaptable mindset suitable for navigating a confusing, chaotic world. All in the hope of making that world better for everyone.”

    Andrew Leonard