Riccardo Sabatini is a world renown scientist and entrepreneur specialized in numerical modeling of complex system, ranging from material science, financial markets, computational genomics and drug design. Today he’s working on how to solve drug design at genomic scale with his company, Orionis Biosciences. He has been chairman of the G7 for artificial intelligence and is the co-founder of a permanent center at MIT, as well as an MIT board member.
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ABOUT Riccardo

  • Former research scientist, Human Longevity, Inc.

  • Former scientific director, FoodCAST

  • Former director of Quantum Espresso Foundation


  • “We might look, act and feel very different from one another. But when it comes to our genetic makeup, every person is nearly identical. To prove this, scientist Riccardo Sabatini took the genome of his friend Craig and printed his genetic code, letter by letter, into a series of physical books….It took Sabatini 172 books and 262,000 pages to print Craig's entire genetic makeup. He wheeled out all the books on stage during a Ted talk in February.”

    Alyson Shontell

    Business Insider