Rodrigo Arboleda is a senior executive with 50 years of experience in the fields of Architecture, International Business Development, Education and Technology, Civic and Philanthropic endeavors. Arboleda is the CEO of Fastrack Institute, a non‐profit foundation co‐founded with Salim Ismail PhD and with Dr. Maurice R. Ferré MD.
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ABOUT Rodrigo

  • After graduating from MIT as an architect in 1965, he became an award‐winning architect in his native Medellin, Colombia, as well as the president of the Colombian Society of Architects in that city. Rodrigo was later honored as the only honorary living member due to his work in fostering the teaching and practice of architecture.

  • As an entrepreneur he entered into several different businesses both in Colombia and later in the U.S., ranging from developing one of the largest fresh‐cut flowers farm for export and later in the transportation and distribution of flowers and other perishables

  • In addition to his expertise in international business development, his current areas of endeavor are related to advocating global digital learning ideas, especially as they apply to developing nations.