Roxanne Varza is the Director of Station F, the largest startup incubator worldwide. Roxanne has spoken, moderated, mentored and judged numerous startup events and programs throughout Europe and also helps European startups with content and communications. She is the Co-founder of StartHer and
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ABOUT Roxanne

  • Former head of Bizspark and Microsoft Ventures, France

  • Former editor, TechCrunch France

  • Masters, London School of Economics


  • "The name of Roxanne Varza will soon be on everyone's lips, not just those of people working in technology. This 31-year-old American, dynamic and cheerful, who mastered French perfectly, was appointed director of Halle Freysinnet, an immense project of Xavier Niel. The Halle Freysinnet, also called "1001 start-ups," wants to be "the largest digital incubator in the world."

    Clement Boutin