Soraya Darabi is a general partner and founder of Trailmix Ventures, an early-stage investment firm focused on the future of living well. TMV invests in services and products that elevate our physical, mental, and financial well-being, next-generation marketplaces, in design-driven technologies and brands born online.
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ABOUT Soraya

  • Cofounder of Zady, a mission-driven brand described often as "The Whole Foods of Fashion"

  • Cofounder, Foodspotting

  • Board member, Nature Conservancy of New York

  • Former manager of digital partnerships and social media, The New York Times


  • "Soraya will blow you away. She's ferocious and enterprising, and she finds solutions where others only see problems. While being extremely conscientious and professional, she is also visionary--with the patience and practicality to realize those visions. "

    Virginia Heffernan

    Best-selling Author and New York Times columnist