Soren Gordhamer is the founder and host of the Wisdom 2.0 Conference, which brings together technology leaders and teachers from wisdom traditions to explore how we can live mindfully and wisely in modern life.
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  • Author, Wisdom 2.0: Ancient Secrets for the Creative and Constantly Connected

  • Former project director, Healing the Divide and the Richard Gere Foundation

  • Founder, The Lineage Project


  • “In a packed hall in downtown San Francisco, Soren Gordhamer, a tall blond man with an infectious smile and magnetic quality, unfazed by the chaotic activity buzzing around him, patiently waits behind the blue velvet curtain... Just beyond the stage a ripple of excitement surges through the 2,000 plus people eagerly awaiting the start of the Wisdom 2.0 Conference, a who’s who list of luminaries from the technology, business, science, mindfulness and spiritual worlds.”

    Suza Scalora

    The Huffington Post