Founder of OneRagtime, a global technology investment venture platform. Stephanie Hospital is a senior executive with a proven track record in the Internet, Telco and Media Industry. She held several key top management positions at Orange for over ten years and turned then VC entrepreneur.
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ABOUT Stephanie

  • Founder and CEO, OneRagtime

  • Board member, Dailymotion

  • Former EVP, Orange Digital

  • Former vice chairman, IAB Europe

PRAISE FOR Stephanie

  • An influential digital figure, Stephanie held several key positions at Orange for over ten years, where she was responsible for the company’s global advertising network that spans 795 million unique visitors across 5 continents and 60 countries. She led Orange’s digital activities, partnerships, and acquisitions – including the acquisition of Dailymotion, where she served as a director. She then turned Entrepreneur, building a disruptive venture platform, investing early stage in Tech startups in Europe.