Timoni West is a UX-centered product person, leading the immersive Authoring Tools group at Unity Labs, focusing on the future of game development and creation tools in VR. Labs’ first project, EditorVR, was introduced at Vision Summit in February 2016. Before Unity, Timoni was SVP of Design at Alphaworks, and cofounder & creative director of Department of Design.
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  • Next Reality’s 50 People to Watch

  • Scout at Sequoia Capital

  • Mentors new VR startups at Rothenberg, Upload Collective, and Runway


  • “Timoni West, principal designer at Unity Labs in charge of the Authoring Tools group, is what one might call a UX specialist. She and her team's ideas of how to take Unity from a 3D simulation on a 2D screen to an actual 3D environment will no doubt have a lasting effect on this new type of workflow for years to come.”

    Jason Odom

    Next Reality